Is your website failing to pull its weight?

Website Design: Building Your Business Sales Machine

by Liam Atkins

Is your website failing to pull its weight?

Website Design: Building Your Business Sales Machine

by Liam Atkins

by Liam Atkins

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Businesses in East Sussex, would you keep on a salesperson for any considerable amount of time who consistently manages to underperform on the sales front?

Or would you keep paying for a salesperson who simply can’t bring you in more sales?

Of course you wouldn’t – so, stop paying for a business website that isn’t pulling its weight.

Your website should be seen just like any other marketing technique, so – as with salespeople, if it’s not attracting new sales or leads, you need to fix it or ditch it.

Business websites need to be more than a shiny online brochure with your contact details. Your business website needs to be the central working cog of your internet marketing strategy, ready and capable to do the heavy lifting needed in a proper – full scale internet marketing campaign as and when it’s needed.

So, look back at the past 3 months – are you happy with the performance of your website? Is it consistently, organically returning you sales and leads? Is it proving to be an effective marketing tool that’s worth the money on an annual / monthly basis?

If it isn’t – I can help you turn your website into a proper sales machine, ready to take on your competition and bring in those much needed new sales.

Here’s a quick taster into what’s involved in my Website Sales Machine solution for small businesses in East Sussex looking for a website design that does more than just look pretty.

Turning Your Website Into A Sales Machine

Your website needs to be pulling its weight and in tip-top, oiled condition as a sales machine for future internet marketing campaigns. Ultimately, you need a website designed which accurately represent what you ‘do’ while making the customer buying process as easy and painless as possible.

Step 1: Defining your website goal

Whether you’re selling your products directly online in an e-commerce website design, or you need to collect leads and inquiries, you need to define what the end goal is – what do you need, at a bare minimum from your website to move forward.

For example, although a new sale would be ideal, would your business benefit from capturing a large number of email addresses from those who didn’t get through to the checkout process in the end?

Clearly defining your end goal is essential in the quest for designing your next business website; website design with a clear goal in mind is key.

Looks over Functionality

While designing a pretty looking website with the latest bells and whistles, worrying about which content management system it’s built in (WordPress obvs!) or which stock image goes where is all important and part of the website design process, it’s ultimately all gravy if your website design isn’t doing one key thing – converting any site visitors it does have, however many there are – into buyers or leads.

Step 2: Converting website visitors

conversion rate optimisationSomething often overlooked by website design agencies and web designers, which is absolutely essential and needed within every website design project is a clear strategy for Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO.

Probably the most important part of any website design project:

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage. (Wiki).

It’s about doing everything possible, and pulling out every trick in the book to ensure your business website squeezes every last opportunity out of every person who visits your website.

While the world of Conversion Rate Optimisation is just as big as the SEO world, there are a number of easy wins most businesses can implement right now to improve their CRO and beef up their business website design sales prospects:

  1. Cutting the BS: None of us like corporate jargon. So cut it out and write how we all ‘speak’ when it comes to our website design copy.
  2. Address buyer objections: What’s stopping someone from instantly clicking ‘buy now’? Address this objection and any others believe your visitors are having.
  3. Increase trust: Business is always about trust, so build more trust by easily giving visitors ways to find you and contact you, showing your face and proving you’re a real person. Who is going to buy from a stock image model?
  4. Provide proof: The Internet is full of false claims, so provide proof that you do and can offer what you claim you can. Do this with case studies, positive testimonials or well known professional or accredited badges.
  5. Reduce the risk: If there’s a risk involved, who will buy from you? Do your best to cut this down by either addressing the risk, or offering some kind of money back, risk free incentive for buying.

Website Design in East Sussex

So there we have it, just a quick taster behind what’s involved in my website design for sales and Website Sales Machine solution – alongside a couple of screenshots from some of my most recent website design work.

If you’re a business looking for website design in East Sussex, I can help. Building more than just a shiny new website, but one that does the heavy lifting and pays for itself.

I have helped businesses and organisations across East Sussex design websites for 10 years now. If you’re interested and would like to discover how I could help you – get in touch today.

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