by Liam Atkins

Email Marketing in East Sussex

Small business email marketing plan. design. deliver email solution

  • Looking for more customers?
  • Want more from your marketing budget?
  • Need a method that actually works?

If your business can or does collect email addresses, you’re sitting on a goldmine of possible new sales.

Release the potential of your customer database by sending your first targeted, value rich email marketing campaign.

Email as a marketing and promotions tool is still one of the most effective, affordable and reliable ways to reach out to current and future customers for small business.

>> Email marketing generates more conversions than social media & search marketing combined! <<

If you’re ready to get on top of your email marketing, start sending out emails which convert and squeeze every last sale out of your customer email database, I can help with my plan. design. deliver email marketing service.

plan. design. deliver email marketing

As an email marketing consultant in East Sussex, I have helped a number of businesses transform their email marketing efforts. Turning tired, stale monthly email newsletters into lead generating, engaging emails.

If you’re looking for regular help with both the strategy and planning behind a successful email marketing campaign, alongside some hands-on technical support on the physical design and wording of the email – my monthly email marketing solution is for you.

Suited for small-medium sized businesses looking to send out regular email newsletters and promotional pieces, my Monthly Plan, Design & Deliver service could be the affordable solution you need.

Covering the initial planning behind your email campaign, to copywriting and email design, to post-campaign analysis, all from just £180/month. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch now:

Email or call 01424 307 037

email marketing consultant service

Working with you on a quarterly basis, I will help you to develop a long-term strategy, building upon my general internet marketing and sales experience, to ensure your email efforts tie in with both your social media and general sales goals.

Designing the overall email, writing the copy and producing any images myself. The most important part of the email itself, the content. Ensuring the content of the email is timely, relevant and provides real value to the reader.

More than just clicking SEND. ‘Deliver’ is about what happens after the email has been broadcast. It’s about analysing the important metrics behind the email, open rates, click through rates, response rates – which determines how successful the email has been. And enables us to deliver a better email message next time around.

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We needed assistance with my company’s email marketing. Liam has been exceptional and completely revamped our email marketing strategy to great success. – Murray Greenhill, Charter Controls.