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Book Your Free 5 Step Website Review & Audit Video

Book Your Free 5 Step Website Review & Audit Video

website review

  • Is your website failing to perform as you’d like it to?
  • Is it bringing in the leads you need to keep you in business?
  • Are you struggling to know what to do to next for results?

Request your completely free 5 step website review audit from me.

Send me over your details – and I’ll carry out a personalised website audit just for you, full of actionable tips to improve your website’s performance, covering 5 steps on everything from SEO, CTA’s (call to actions), persuasive copy and more.

Within 48 hours your website free audit will be ready and sent back in a handy video link for viewing later on, allowing you to forward it to your website designer or marketing team to put into practice.

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Email Marketing: 5 Business Reasons to Use it More

Why does your small business need to be using email marketing more?

  • Looking for more customers?
  • Want to get more from your marketing budget?
  • Need a marketing method that actually works?

It’s essential to be spending what limited marketing budget you do have, on things that actually get you results.

Here’s why your business needs to be focussing more time on email marketing…

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Social Media Stats: 66% See Lead Generation

Did you know…?

66% of business marketers see increased lead generation while using social media for just 6 hours/week.

They do this because there’s a hungry audience out there for content. Ensure your business is consistently putting in the effort…even when you’re at your busiest!

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Sending Cold Sales Emails: 5 Point Checklist

sending cold emails

No one likes receiving spammy sales cold calls or sales cold emails. But, like with paying your taxes, in business they can sometimes be a necessity of life.

Cold emails, even more than with any other email marketing, need to stand out and trigger immediate action. People often read them on their mobile phone, and they’re just one tap away from throwing this cold email in the bin.

This quick checklist will hopefully go some way to avoiding a frosty reception, and instead convert readers into warm leads ready to sell to.

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6 Top Tips: How To Work With Your Internet Marketing Consultant

how to work with your marketing consultant

Your business has decided to take the plunge, you’ve sharpened your internet marketing knowledge and are ready to start working with your desired internet marketing consultant or coach.

Internet marketing consultants can vary in their skill level, experience and approach to working with clients- often dependant on what kind of consultancy package you’ve signed up to. After almost 10 years as a website designer and then internet marketing consultant, learning the hard way in many of these cases, I would personally recommend sticking to these basic principles when it comes to working with your consultant – for your own safety, but also – to ensure you get the most out of your relationship.

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Website Design: Building Your Business Sales Machine

website design sales

Businesses in East Sussex, would you keep on a salesperson for any considerable amount of time who consistently manages to underperform on the sales front?

Or would you keep paying for a salesperson who simply can’t bring you in more sales?

Of course you wouldn’t – so, stop paying for a business website that isn’t pulling its weight.

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Conquer Your Businesses Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective internet marketing techniques around.

On a ‘bang for your buck’ comparison, email marketing is the best and cheapest internet marketing method around, it – at least for the next few years, is the most reliable way to get your message and product seen by your audience. Read more

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Time to build that empire, Conquest Marketing

Welcome to the new world of Conquest Marketing. Where we help businesses really ‘conquer’ their internet marketing.

I have proudly been self-employed for almost 7 years now (read my story), and within this time I have worked on some incredibly exciting projects, with businesses big and small across East Sussex, with politicians on general election campaigns, with referendum campaign groups, and even got elected myself as a local Councillor.

It’s been a whirlwind, and I am massively grateful to every single business and individual who has put their trust in me, believed in me and given me a chance to help out with their internet marketing. Whether it was a website design project, some 1-2-1 marketing consulting advice, or longer term work. Read more