My internet marketing story

From GCSE's, to the ballot box and 100+ businesses in between

My internet marketing story

From GCSE's, to the ballot box and 100+ businesses in between

by Liam Atkins

My internet marketing & sales story

I didn’t go to University, I don’t have a swanky marketing degree to dazzle prospective clients. What I do have however, is an incredible work ethic and ‘hustle’ approach to my business.

Making my first £50

My ‘career history’ is pretty different to every other marketing ‘guru’ and social media ‘expert’ out there…

It started when I designed my first website – aged just 15, for my P.E. GCSE coursework. It was crap, built in MS Publisher, but helped this P.E. hating nerdy, spectacled kid get an ‘A grade’ in his P.E. GCSE exam.

Sparking my passion for the internet and all things webby, at 16 I earned a whopping £50 designing a site for a dog groomer, this was my first ever paying client!

Picking up the phone, making cold calls

After my A-Levels (in completely unrelated subjects – sociology, politics and French – weird huh?!) I landed a proper job as an internet researcher and general ‘web guy’ for a local online biz publication.

Here I learnt a huge amount about web development and the corporate world. After a year I was offered a new role in sales, which meant I had to do…dreaded, gut wrenching COLD CALLS.

Selling online advertising space to financial service providers in offshore tax havens wasn’t the easiest thing to do aged 19, but it taught me a huge amount about the sales process, cold calling, cold emailing and prospecting. Earning me a huge amount of experience and skills that I could directly apply to my business.

Taking the plunge and going solo

Aged 21, I went solo. I went self-employed and have loved every single rollercoaster minute of it. Since then I have gone on to work with some amazing businesses, individuals and campaigns.

Some of these projects include…

  • Spending literally hundreds of hours consulting 1-2-1 with businesses across East Sussex.
  • Running the online and offline marketing campaign for a political strategist, speaker coach and TEDMED speaker coach.
  • Assisting with some of the initial research on the No to AV Campaign group, pushing for a ‘NO’ vote in the 2011 Alternative Vote Referendum.
  • Worked for a year as an in-house, social media manager for a nationwide digital recruitment company.
  • Designed websites and email campaigns for 30+ political candidates and now serving Members of Parliament and assisted in running an MP’s general election campaign as their digital campaign director.
  • Assisting with brand management and social media for High Net Worth individuals.
  • Helping well known bloggers and social media influencers build their online following (and designing their actual blogs) from scratch.
  • Assisting a number of writers design and launch high selling Amazon Kindle book campaigns, including one by a former East Enders writer.
  • Continually managing the exciting monthly internet marketing strategy and activities for a number of growing businesses.

No marketing degree?

My clients appreciate and buy into this gained, first hand experience, earned by actually ‘doing the job’. Whether it’s sales, marketing or promotion – chances are, I’ve done it already.

There’s nothing wrong with a marketing degree (I wish I went to university myself), but it doesn’t make up for the actual grind and hustle that self-employment, ‘sink or swim’ scenarios offer up. – This hustle and drive to succeed is another reason my clients stay loyal and continue working with me, they know I will put in the work to ensure they succeed online.

All mouth and no trousers?

In addition to my experience and drive, I’m also pretty qualified to speak on much of the services I provide. Here’s just a few of my ‘qualifications’ that back up the work I do on a daily basis:

  • Hubspot Academy, Certified Inbound Marketing Expert
  • Hootsuite, Social Media Certified
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Google Analytics Qualified

A bit about me

When I’m not working, elected in 2014, I have been serving as a Councillor on my local Borough Council, and spending as much time as possible as an incredibly proud to now, 8 month old, Archie.

So there it is, my internet marketing story to date. It isn’t overly glamorous, but it’s the result of hard work, grind and lots of mistakes!

If you enjoyed my story, have any questions or would like to explore working together, feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you.



Have any questions? Drop me a call or text directly: 0780 527 6044. 

Liam Atkins marketing consultant

Despite being self-employed since the age of 21, I finally became a Limited Company ‘Liam Atkins Ltd’ in June 2015.

Until very recently, alongside being an elected Councillor, I also proudly served for 2 years as Leader of the Conservative Party on Hastings Council.

With my younger brother Shane Atkins, he’s gone on to form a virtual currency business (Buy Virtual Currency UK), with a little help from his big brother of course!

Politicians aren’t always great public speakers, but it does help to get practice when coaching marketing clients.

Always good to have a ‘why’ – little Archie <3